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Untapped Opportunity

Your brand is an untapped business opportunity.

Professional Management

We will grow and manage your digital presence.

Increase Valuation

Potentially multiplying your business valuation.

What is 3rd party E-Commerce management?

The idea is simple.

You have an outstanding retail brand presence. You know it backwards and forwards, but you don’t have the bandwidth to give that same support to your online presence. Let’s face it, digital is a small percentage of your annual revenue. You need to focus on that big retail push to drive new distribution in national retailers, or moving into convenience channels or connecting with the new category manager at WalMart.

What’s the big deal about E-Commerce anyway?

The brick & mortar store is here to stay; it’s a visceral  experience that cannot be replaced. We won’t argue that. However, the role of E-Commerce in your brand’s success is growing critical as more and more people are “shopping around” online before committing to an in-store purchase. On average, 96% of your online traffic is “just looking,” but there’s a gigantic, untapped opportunity to convert them to foot traffic in your stores or retailers or to draw them back again to buy online. Tap that!

If E-Commerce is just business online, why can’t you apply the same tactics?

Online shoppers have their own set of behaviors and tolerances, and the game is played in a whole different way. Above all, consumers value convenience. That means 24/7 access to products and services that may not be available through traditional means or from local resources and retailers. Without boundaries, they are able to shop in any country at any time.

Crosstree Group can maximize the way you do business online

This is what we do best. Our experience in the E-Commerce arena means we can tailor an E-Commerce solution to fit your exact online needs.

  • We analyze the  current online strategy and competitive landscape.
  • We understand what drives traffic, conversions and thus, business and profits in the E-Commerce sector.
  • We share best practices and continue our education on the constant changes taking place in technology, applying only what makes the most sense, not what is catchy today, gone tomorrow.